Announcements & Awards

2021-22 Special Awards

Kylie Armos, Senior “Class of 2022”- SFSBC Award Recipient, SFSBC Senior Award

Kaitlyn Guerra, Senior “Class of 2022”- SFSBC Senior Award, Michigan High School Silver Medalist 

Lily Lawson, Senior “Class of 2022” – USFSA Silver Level Recognition, SFSBC Senior Award 

Chloe Scott, Senior “Class of 2022”  –  SFSBC 2022 Senior Scholarship Recipient, SFSBC Gold Skate Award, SFSBC Senior Award, Michigan High School State Champion 

Virginia Urbanek, Senior “Class of 2022”  – USFSA Bronze Level Recognition & SFSBC 2022 Senior Scholarship Recipient,  SFSBC Senior Award 

Aevry Coffman – Michigan High School Bronze Medalist

Ava Degroat– SFSBC Gold Skate Award

Lydia Frye-SFSBC Gold Skate Award 

Bridget Godbout – USFSA Gold Medalist Moves in the Field, SFSBC Gold Skate Award

Evan Goddard-SFSBC Gold Skate Award 

Adelynn Hales– Michigan High School State Champion 

Brianna Hales– Michigan High School Silver Medalist, Michigan High School Bronze Medalist

Lena Hales – SFSBC Award Recipient, SFSBC Gold Skate Award, Michigan High School Silver Medalist 

Irene Hisona-SFSBC Gold Skate Award 

Madison Lara– SFSBC Award Recipient 

Dominique Montgomery-SFSBC Gold Skate Award 

Izabella Provenzano-SFSBC Gold Skate Award 

Madelyn Reiss – Michigan High School Silver Medalist 

Natalie Slowik-SFSBC Gold Skate Award, Michigan High School Bronze Medalist

Maizey Urbanek – Michigan High School Bronze Medalist 

Aubrey Vitale– SFSBC Award Recipient  

Montana Vyletel – Michigan High School Silver Medalist 

Southgate Anderson & GR High School “B” Team, Michigan High School Silver Medalists – Virginia Urbanek, Lena Hales, Natalie Slowik, Brianna Hales, Aevry Coffman & Bridget Godbout

Our State Champions



The USFS Campaign Get Up was launched by US Figure Skating in 2017 to help skaters to recognize the grit, passion and perseverance need to Get Up in the rink and in life every day.

The campaign is a celebration of strength, resilience and determination it takes to be a figure skater. The goal is to attract new skaters to the sport, grow their fan vase and empower their members to take pride in who they are as figure skaters while making a positive difference in their communities.

One of our own skaters – Autumn Bryant has been awarded this awesome award for 2020. As most of us have been a part of Autumn’s Army as her journey beating cancer. The Southgate Figure Skating Club – its members, coaches and skaters are so proud of you and all you have overcome this past year.  We Love you Autumn.